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Single page application

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Single Page Applications (SPA) are a special type of web app. An SPA will load a single page when you enter a website and, from that point on, load all content in that page. This will appear to work like a normal website, but when switching between “pages,” the page doesn’t actually reload.

Better Interaction

We deliver an interactive apps to our users even when just a single page is involved .

Keyword Research

Using Google's search history database and third party applications, we can uncover search terms used by your clients and actual search volumes.

Works Offline

Through easy catching of the SPA, you can load the entire app in the first download, creating a rapid solution.

User Experience

Give your users a smooth, eye-catching and seamless experience without refreshing the page.

Performance Improvement

Load all your files the first time, such as HTML, Javascript, CSS, and image files.

Load Distribution

You can handle load distribution more effectively through server-side API and connection with powerful web services.

Single page website

Best Approach for Single Page Apps

You can leverage rich internal anchor text links, tags and meta-descriptions by using SPA. You can turn around the SEO issues by identifying the right word, since search engines give higher scores to domains devoted to one theme.
With MPAs you need to secure separate pages, but in the case of a SPA, you just need to secure your data end points. You can divide the downloadable JavaScript into several parts, so that the client doesn’t get access to all of the codes.

Single page app

single page application